Friday, August 12, 2016

Using Variegated and Gradient yarn

Often the variegated yarn that looked so amazing in the skein looks much less interesting when knit.  I was googling around trying to find a variegated or self striping linen that I thought might look good in a shawl that is of interest to me.  The shawl is found in a book that I bought digitally (stored in dropbox) called Free Spirit Shawls.  

I am looking for one more summer project before I start the fall knitting.

I am updating this post in September 2016 and have found some yarn that I bought for the above shawl from Webbs.  It is Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn in neutral colors of grey, white, brown and green.  I am going to take this yarn and pattern with me to Boston this week in case I finish the projects I have going or find that I need a small needle pattern and yarn when my arm and shoulder get tired.

Instead I found the following which is a site that shows some ideas for using variegated yarns in unusual ways:

Here is an example of one of the ways to use a variegated yarn that proved disappointing when used in straight knit and purl:

Mandy Bee says on her blog:

That what I want is gradient yarn rather than variegated yarn.  She suggests some ways to use the variegated yarns that we have bought and been disappointed in results such as:

Using drop stitch pattern:

and using linen stitch such as the below found in a Church mouse creation:

Still looking for the right linen, I found a very pretty yarn that is on sale on the Webb's site called Santorini.  Here is a sample knit with this yarn

This would make a WONDERFUL sweater for warm/cool weather.  However, this yarn is not linen.  It is a cotton/viscous (spelling?) blend.  I found the sample on:

Feb 2018 Dar wore a shawl to a knitting retreat that I particularly like:

The pattern is Loops by Casapinka and the yarns are both fingering yarn and she thinks she knitted it on size 6 needles.

Casapinka has a lot of other shawls that are worth seeing as well.

Just found another yarn that is very pretty.  It is on Revelry:  Seashore Kerchief by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.  It uses size 7 needles, and Classic Elite Yarns Bella Lino.  The picture below is Colorway 8504

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