Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Nest Yarn store in Bridgeport, WV

Dar and I made a quick jaunt to Bridgeport on Valentine's day.   The photo below does not do justice to how cute the building is that houses The Nest and the Artworks store and a darling restaurant!  It is Purple and Green and absolutely stands out....you can not miss it!

 I had called her to get help on the shawl that I was making.....I was using a Boomerang type pattern:  The Quaker Yarn stretcher pattern that I have looked at for years.....I loved the way the yarn looked as it is a variegated yarn and there is just enough pattern that it was not pooling...instead the colors were actually popping out.  But I was unhappy with the fact that there would not be two long ends to come back over my shoulder if I wear it with the triangle part in the front.  I am still fussing with this project trying to decide just what I am going to do.

However, in the middle of our conversation, my tennis game got cancelled because of various and sundry reasons and we decide on a whim to drive to Bridgeport to check out a yarn shop that has a wonderful website.....who would have thought?  Bridgeport?  So this post is about our jaunt to The Nest.


Diana is the owner and she was there with Shirley (her skinny friend).....That was a funny conversation that took place while Dar and I were browsing....but I do like to note names for future reference.

I have the feeling that Diana works hard to have a selection of whatever her customers find to be the "hot" item of the time.  She had some Noro on sale in the sale bin....but there was not a selection of Noro yarns....telling me that Noro had been hot but was no longer hot in her shop.

Mostly what I noticed was a HUGE selection of Madeleine Tosh in three weights....It was really fun to see them in person and feel them and play with them to see what colors went together....which is a lot of what Dar did...making two wonderful purchases!  I particularly liked the shawl samples on the wall and bought enough Tosh to make hmmmmmmm........And the below photo doesn't do justice the the wonderful Tosh yarn....and somehow I failed to take a photo of the Drachefels Shawl that the colors were knit into.  Diana didn't have the lavender that was used, so I bought pink....but I might buy the lavender on line ....honestly I loved the color selection that had been used!  I can not believe that I forgot to take a photo of the actual shawl.

But here is the photo from the pattern:

But it doesn't do justice to the colors that were used in the shawl in the store!

I was thinking of Mitzi and her hat projects....and Diana had a darling hat that came down very well in the back:

What yarn did you use?  Techno.....oh my gosh....it is WONDERFUL....and I could not resist again:

At the bottom of the website, there is a place to put one's e-mail address in order to hear special events and etc from the shop.  Diana says that Nikki Epstein is from Clarksburg and on occasion, Nikki will do special events in the shop!  Also Diana mentioned that Claudia has been wanting to come and bring her yarns ....oh, my gosh...perhaps my favorite vendor at SAFF!


But where I am going with this is that Diana worried that she wouldn't have a big enough crowd to warrant Claudia bringing her wares....and I promised her that if she would work with us on final date that we would bring a group from Huntington!

The trip was a lot of fun!  Beautiful yarn!  Fun projects!

Oh, I almost forgot.....the restaurant next door looks great!  Dar and I had stopped at Subway....and it was tasty.....but this place seems to be a destination of it's own:

And Lunch menu:

And one more knitting project that Diana had on display.  I bought two skeins of Noro that would be good for this project and would be a good project to use up some of my stash.  Diana did not have the actual pattern that she had used, but she helped me to pick out something similar....I could vary the size.  I couldn't find the one that Diana chose....so I picked something at random on Ravelry:


Below is an easier pattern that I could use for the same sort of look.  It is called Stripe the Squares by Jenny Garcia

Monday, February 19, 2018

Cascade Liberty Wool

Webs sent an e-mail this week that I was able to ignore.  However, I really liked the project that I considered making from some of the Cascade Liberty Wool that was on sale.  The problem is that the skeins on sale were not the right colors for the shawl that I had chosen.

This is a Boneyard shawl knitted by RobinsNest on Ravelry.  And I just love the way that it looks.  So this morning instead of deleting the photo, I decided to go back and look at Robin's color way and consider paying full price for the yarn.  Unfortunately, Robin didn't post the colors that she used.  So I am hoping that she might remember.

Almost forgot.....Robin writes a blog.  Here is a link to a post about a knitting cruise that she and buddies took.  In the blog post she mentions that they visited

We went a few days early and stayed on Bainbridge Island - home of Churchmouse Yarns & Teas - and rode the ferry back into Seattle to check out So Much Yarn and Pike Place 


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Casapinka Vary the Gate

I started this scarf/shawl with the pattern Quaker Yarn Stretcher.  I had  looked at this pattern for many years.  It seemed like a good fit with the yarn that I had just bought on a whim because it was on sale.  However after a sizable start, I found that I had made a mistake.  And I just wasn't sold on not having two long ends to the scarf to wear with triangle in front and ends brought around front.  Dar wore her Casapinka scarf/shawl and I decided to see if Casapinka had a pattern that made sense.  So Now I am making the scarf/shawl called Vary the Gate.  So I worked on this for a few minutes today at Knitting and I just don't like the look of the Vary the Gate as much as I had liked the Quaker Yarn stretcher .....so now I am back to Quaker Yarn stretcher for this project.

It is a plymouth yarn made in South Africa from the Cape Town Collection called Johanne

I am using size 7 needles because I am too lazy to walk upstairs to get size 6.  And I had bought some very nice needles in Black Mountain in size 7.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Knit a hat in any size and any yarn

Pinterest sent me an e-mail today that is a lesson in knitting hat from the top down in any yarn and in any size.  It can be found at:




Sunday, January 7, 2018

I am still in Peru and have started Mary's pouf

I am with Mary and Alberto and babies in Lima.  Unfortunately I have come down with a terrible head cold.  So I am in self-imposed isolation upstairs in Mary's condo.  Thank goodness I saw the babies a lot in the hospital while we did Kangaroo of I would find this time unbearable with the darling boys downstairs and me upstairs.  But I don't want to give this to anyone!

I even worried about knitting on the blanket while I am sick even though I know viruses don't live for long on surfaces....still.....so I have started the pouf.  I like it a lot!

Here is the URL for the pattern:


And the photo of the pouf that the designer made:

Mary had suggested that this would be a good project if I would knit it for her, so I brought yarn with me and size 11 needles.

And here is what the fabric looks like:

My gauge must not have been as large as that of the designer.....so after a few segments I decided to rip out and start again with more stitches.  I have chosen to go 1/2 again as large and here are the measurements I am going to try.  I have tried to keep everything proportional:

62 stitches cast on becomes 94 stitches cast on

Knit all stitches and turn.
Knit 66 stitches and turn.
Pass first stitch from left needle to right  then knit 48 stitches and turn....continue as pattern works....

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Patterns on Pinterest

Pinterest send a couple of knitted items that caught my fancy today.  I liked the way the below uses bright colors and different knitting stitches for the stripes:

This was shown on:

And Lion brand had a simple shawl that looked warm and comfy in bulky weight yarn:

This was knit on size 13 needles and took 555 yards.

Free Pattern found at:  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/honest-warmth-shawl

Monday, January 1, 2018

A Stash of one's own

Sally sent me a message over the holiday season 2017 that I particularly enjoyed:

 I received the book “A Stash of One’s Own “. Reading this statement made me think of you... and myself.  

“Most of my yarn is for knitting, but some of it has a more complicated destiny as support staff: It is there to make me want to knit. It’s absolutely possible that I need the green Merino to inform how I’ll use the blue alpaca, and that ball of gorgeous variegated yarn? You bet I’ve had it for ten years, and I completely admit that it’s a yarn pet. I have no intention of ever knitting it, but it’s earning the real estate it takes up with how it makes me feel about knitting. It is the textile artist’s equivalent of a painting hung on the wall. It’s there to be beautiful and to help me dream of possibility. “

Don't know why Sally and I feel that way (as well as most of my knitting buddies), but it is indeed a fact that just seeing the yarn and the potential uses that that yarn might have makes us feel very happy.