Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mitzi's shawl

Mitzi and Sally and I looked at a pattern and yarn several weeks ago. Mitzi bought the yarn and started on the project before Sally and I had purchased anything.  And Mitzi was disappointed with her project so neither Sally nor I bought the yarn nor pattern.  Now that I see the project in person, I am considering looking for pattern and yarn!  The yarn is Scheepjes Secret Garden.  And the pattern must be Shawl of Secrets.

I just bought the pattern and filed it in dropbox under shawls.  Here is the photo and yarn requirements from Ravelry:

Yarn Requirements 
50g Scheepjes Secret Garden : Rambling Blooms (705) 
50g Scheepjes Secret Garden : Summer House (707) 
50g Scheepjes Secret Garden : Hidden Pathway (701) 
50g Scheepjes Secret Garden : Secluded Lake (703) 
100g Scheepjes Secret Garden : Lavender Beds (704) 
50g Scheepjes Secret Garden : Herb Garden (702)

I have more projects than I can finish right now and the yarn is no longer on sale.  I think that I will put this project on back burner for a while.

Kelly's hat

Kelly finished her hat and tried it on for us all to see.  I like it a lot.  Don't want to loose the idea.  Kind of a tree of life motif on the side.  I think that I might make it just a bit less tall if I copy her idea.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wind rows Shawlette

Mitzi bought a shawlette kit at the fiber festival in Lexington.  She finished it this week and brought it as show and tell at knitting this week.  I am thinking about using the pattern idea for a shawlette with some linen yarn that I have on hand.  It is BEAUTIFUL yarn.  I think that I bought it with the idea of using it for another cowl like the linen cowl that I made from yarn bought in Vermont a few years ago.  The main color is a vivid blue and the secondary color is white.  I just don't want to loose the idea.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ties for the fellows in your life

Interweave Knits sent a link to their blog today that featured gifts for dad....including some great ties.

1. Bias-Knit Tie by Shirley Paden
Is your dad more of a regular tie than a bow tie kind of fellow? Knit him the fun, striped Bias-Knit Tie from Interweave Knits Winter 2005! Adjust the width and colors to suit his style.

I own this I have the pattern on hand.  Their was also a bow tie in the post:

With needles appropriate for your yarn, CO 16 sts. Next row *K1, sl 1 pwise wyf, bring yarn to back between needles; rep from * to end. Rep last row until piece measures 4 ½” (11 cm) from CO. Set-up Row: Note: The yarn is not worked in this row. *Sl 1 st onto first double-pointed needle (dpn), sl next st onto 2nd dpn and hold in back; rep from * to end—8 sts on each needle. Break yarn, leaving a 10” (25.5 cm) tail. With tail threaded on a tapestry needle, graft sts using Kitchener st. Pinch center of piece and wrap with a long piece of yarn to gather. Weave in ends.

To view the post for oneself:

Friday, June 2, 2017

Firefly pattern with Lang Silkmerino yarn

I finished my mustard yellow scarf today from the Firefly scarf pattern in Lang Silkmerino yarn.  I like it a lot!  I am not going to block it.  I like the curly fringe.  And I have started another one in Marshall University Green to wear to the football games this fall.

I used less than three balls.  The balls contain 164 yards each.  And I knit on size 8 needles.  The yarn is considered a worsted weight yarn.

I loved this yarn so much and like the colors that are available so much that I looked to see if I might like to order more.  It seems to be offered most places on the internet for $13 to $18 per ball.  I only paid $7 per ball for this yarn when I bought it from Love Knitting last November.  I'll wait until I see a bargain in the future to purchase more....certainly don't need to add to my stash for full price!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Webs talked me into trying a sock yarn that is very pretty with a particularly good sale.

I am knitting it on size 4 bamboo circular knitting needles.  And I am using the pattern Reyna that I downloaded for free on Ravelry.  So far it has been  a very fun pattern.

The color seems to be #1564   Frische Fische

Monday, May 15, 2017

Blanket for Mia

When I finished the mermaid tail for Kya, I celebrated the fact that Mia said she didn't want a mermaid tail.  It was a good project, but I was very excited to not make another.  So I made Mia a blankie.....and already the blankie has ended up in shreds.  So I have promised Mia another blanket hand knit by Nana.  I am knitting it on size 10 Needles and am using yarn that I bought on sale at AC Moore.

But it is honestly turning out very pretty.  I am pleased.  However, I don't love big needles and I find that I can only knit on it for a short time every day and then I switch to something on smaller needles that is more pleasant knitting.

So below is the blanket that I made for Mia last time that matched the mermaid tail.  I don't know it it was much loved or poorly knitted....but for sure it needed to be replaced.

And here is the new blanket that I finished on Mother's day for Mia

I also brought the girls the blanket that I made for their mom many years ago.  The blanket below was knitted to match a bedspread that was on Katie's bed.  I can't remember for sure if I knitted it for her for her room at #5 Partridge court.  But I suspect that the bedspread was new in our house that I live in now.  So I made the blanket c. 1991 if that is the case.  So here is the photo of Katie's blanket: