Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Malabrigo yarn bought in Kanawha City Yarn shop

I went with Mitzi to pick up her lovely grey yarn for the sweater that she planned to make for her daughter for Christmas.  And was taken with a cowl that was on display. The yarn is Malbrigo Rasta.  The pattern that Sarah had used to make the cowl on Display was Herringbone Neckwarmer by Breean Elyse Miller.  It is free on Ravelry.  Sarah used #19 needles and cast on 20 stitches.  There are 90 yards in the skein of yarn.  Below are some photos that the designer shows on Ravelry:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mitzi's sweater

Mitzi knit a sweater for her daughter for Christmas.  It is lovely with a shawl collar.  But the really huge plus on this pattern is that there is no putting it together at the is knit in one piece and there is very little finishing work to it.  The pattern is Buckley on Ravelry.  Mitzi bought her yarn at the Kanawha yarn store from Sarah.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang in Cascade Luna Paints yarn

I am looking at yarns Thanksgiving weekend while Mary jogs.  Because of Black Friday, there are great sales.  One is Cascade Luna Paints yarn a 100% cotton yarn from Peru that has been reduced from $12.50 to $2.87.  It is in a very pretty colorway featuring red/pink/grey/black.  My favorite pattern using this yarn has been the Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang.  It is a pattern that I have already purchased and can probably be found both on Ravelry and also in Dropbox.  But one of the things that I most wanted to save is a photo of a VERY pretty way to wear this shawl:

You can see other photos of other shawls made with this same pattern on Ravelry at:

Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang

Second yarn I looked at on Love knitting is Schulana Islanda.  It is a Super Bulky yarn in merino and Alpaca.  109 yards in a skein.  The pattern that I found for it is called cywo's crispin snood:

and leaf mould:

I have not bought the leaf mould pattern yet.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Yea! Yarn I didn't buy! Noro Silk Garden

One of the companies had Noro Silk Garden on sale last night.  It is so pretty!  It was tempting.  I found the below shawl that is on Ravelry.  The site is jennyrib September.  The directions are not totally clear, but I think that she used two different Noro Silk colorways:  341 Multi and 282 Pink, Green, Burgundy, Copper.  She doesn't say just how she used them, but looking at the shawl, I am guessing that she finished one then added the other to make it the size that she wanted.  Because it seems that the bottom is quite unrelated to the top part.  So I am pretty sure that she was just using up yarn and ran out.  I think she even says that someone gave her yarn.....The pattern is Simple but Effective Bulky shawl ....filed in dropbox.  She says she uses size 8 needles (which would be sensible needle size for Noro Silk Garden) but doesn't say how many yards she used.  I didn't buy the Noro Silk Garden that was on sale.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shawl with some cables seen on Ravelry

Love knitting has a sale on Lang yarn.  I was browsing on Ravelry when I found the following shawl:

There is no pattern available via Ravelry.  The lady who made it says that she bought a kit ....I think perhaps in Europe as she said the directions were in French.  The project is on Ravelry at:

ssgirl > notebook > projects > Chale Été

She says that she used sport yarn and needed 574 yards

Oh here is where she bought the kit:

Chale Été 

Points En Croix, Vienne, France

Monday, November 14, 2016

Knit Picks City Tweed Drop Stitch Shawl

This shawl is stored in dropbox.  I ordered City tweed from Knit Picks in Chipmunk:

Diadem Solid Fingering in Copper

I have longed for some of this yarn.  I can not resist tonight when it is on sale.  

For this yarn I chose the pattern Interlude which is on dropbox in shawl file.

Aloft Super Kid Mohair yarn in Tarragon and Cranberry

I plan to use La La's simple shawl for both of these.

Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace Edged Shawl in Luminance Lace Yarn color powerful

The pattern that I chose for this yarn is Debby Bliss Rialto Lace Edged shawl.  I have stored the pattern in dropbox in shawls.


Reyna shawl in green Capretta yarn

And then I had to buy one more Marshall project.  It is a Reyna Shawl in Green Capretta yarn from Knit picks.

The Reyna shawl looks like the below:

I have stored the pattern in both drop box and on my Ravelry page.  I think that this is the perfect pattern as I always have trouble coming up with something to wear at the very early games when the weather is warm.

Mathilda shawl in green Andean Treasure Yarn

Oh, phooey.....I am shopping again.  Knit Picks has a yarn value tonight.  It is a sport yarn weight that gets amazing reviews as being soft and non-scratcher.  The yarn is 100% baby alpaca.  I have been looking for something to wear to occasional Marshall games...I guess this is it.  

You can see that it is an amazing value.  The other colors were either full price or very slightly discounted.  The pattern that I chose is called Mathilda Shawl.  I bought it from Ravelry and it is stored in dropbox.  Below is what the pattern looks like:

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Poncho using Cascade Rabat from my stash

In the middle of having not finished other projects, I decided to start a poncho for the fall.  Someone in the Wild Ramp group brought a Noro magazine that had a pattern that I liked.  And I found some Cascade Rabat upstairs in my stash.  And it just seemed like a good idea.  Here is a of the poncho in the pattern:

Hmmmm....can not find the pattern....need to ask Peg Williams on Tuesday to help me fill this blank in.  It is turning out very pretty.  This weekend I finished the front or knit them the same....just a slightly different length.  So I will be starting the other side on Tuesday.  Here is the yarn specs:

The main reason I wanted to add this today is that I ended the first side ready to start row 21 of the pattern.  I will be reusing the index cards and may need to know where I am on the pattern.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stashbuster shawl

I get pins from pinterest quite regularly.  They know I like yarn and organizational ideas.  This mornings pins included a shawl.  The lady who knit this is a spinner and she had used up odds and ends that she had on hand.  The pattern is Far Away, So close.  I have the pattern in my collection and it is very pretty just the way originally pictured.  The pattern is filed in Drop Box.  It calls for size 10 needles and 270 yards of yarn for the small size and 500 yards for the size shown here.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wild Ramp on the first day of November.

We had a large and enthusiastic group at the Wild Ramp today.  I had asked Peg Wolfe to come and share her Qiviut yarn that she had bought on an Alaskan Cruise that she and Ken had taken.  It is absolutely amazing is so light that it hardly seems to be there....and she said that the knitters in Alaska say to never double it because it would be too hot to wear.  Gorgeous yarn and amazingly soft!

I have to stop for a minute to watch the sunset!  Amazing!

Betsy shared a lovely shawl and fingerless mittens made from a Noro yarn.  She has just started a new grey sweater from a mohair blend.  She is using broken ribbing at the beginning of the sweater and it is WONDERFUL!  It is much prettier in person.  But the thing that is exceptionally nice about it is that it does not do the clingy thing that ribs were invented to do....that is to hug the body.  This rib is loose.  It is simple.  Knit two, purl two on the odd rows.  Then purl all the way across on the even rows.  I forgot to ask her about the cast on.  It would need to be something that is not tight as well.

Dar shared a new shawl that she had finished.

She made this out of sock yarn on size 6 needles.  The pattern is Wild Heart that she bought on Ravelry.  After everyone was almost gone and we were down to a very small group we talked about the possibility that I might use this pattern with the Indiecita DK that I bought in Peru for my Christmas project.  I may start this this weekend.

Mitzi was working on hats for her new grandchild....Peg showed me the amount that she had knitted with her Noro yarn that is similar to the project I am knitting.....Several of our members were working on socks or scarfs....we were a large group....I was quite far from several....but I did get a laugh ......Mary Jane was "hiding" her project.....not sure that she liked it....and I LOVED the look of the yarn when I saw it peaking out.....again the project is much prettier in person!  Very natural looking.  Mary Jane said that she had bought it from Joyce, so it is not a new yarn.

So it was not until Friday night that I found time to look for the yarn that Mary Jane was using.  I knew that it was an old yarn that she had bought from Joyce before Joyce closed the store.  It turned out that it was distributed from a very small company that worked from Wales.  Oh, my gosh, I was hooked!  Somehow I was lucky enough to read that the company was closing on a blogsite early in my googling:

I now have a wonderful stock of absolutely GORGEOUS yarn from Colinette that should be arriving at my home in the next week.  Did I need it?  NO! I love it YES!