Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Linen Cowl

Today is Tuesday, so I knitted at the Wild Ramp.  My goal today was to finish two projects that only really needed to have loose ends sewn in.  One of the projects is the linen cowl that I started at least two years ago.  Sarah and I bought yarn at a yarn store in Burlington, Vermont on our first trip to find an apartment for her.  I believe the yarn to be Kestrel by Quince and Company.  The pattern is one that I bought at the store in Burlington.  I have saved it digitally in my dropbox.

I named the pattern Vermont linen Cowl.

I found the tag later....It is indeed Kestrel:

The other project that I finished was a cowl from some Noro yarn.  I have misplaced the label and other information about this cowl shown below:

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