Monday, November 30, 2015

Possible projects with the Cascade Souk yarn that I just bought

I bought some yarn from a website this weekend that is sold by Cascade Yarns called Souk.  I bought two skeins .....each skein is 220 yards.  I have chosen some projects on Ravelry that may be appropriate.  I tried but could not figure out how to make this easy on that site.  These are all projects that use size #8 needles:

Moose River by Stephen West
Colormatic by Michelle Hunter
Simply Knit Moebius
Calm Seas Cowl By Julie Witt
Tanner Cowl By Amy Christoffers
Bajada By Berocco
Downtown Cowl
Spring Mobius Cowl by Haley Waxberg
Fisherman's Cowl by Carol Sunday
Easy and Awesome Scarf
Feels Like Fall
Half Linene Stich-ish Cowl
9 drops scarf by Katie Rempe
Cables and Ribs Cowl by Kim Voison
I stopped on page 20 with a list of about 40 pages that came up when I used the description:
scarf/needle size 5mm/weight worsted

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Prayer Shawl

Our knitting group agreed to make prayer shawls this fall.  I am almost finished with mine.  I am not that excited about the finished product.  It is too heavy for my idea of a shawl.  But I am going to finish it and turn it in.  The next time that I make such an article, I would either like for it to be prettier or at least not so heavy.  We were given directions to follow that are below the photo

I plant to add a crocheted border in green....and if this happens, I'll post the finished product at the end of this blog post.  

The project calls for 555 yards of yarn and needle size 11 or 13.  
Cast on stitches in multiples of threes....54, 57, 60..
First row K3, P3 to end.  Second row:  knit the purls and purl the knits.  
Knit until the piece measures 57 to 58 inches long.  Bind off with a knit row. Finish with fringe.