Monday, November 21, 2016

Yea! Yarn I didn't buy! Noro Silk Garden

One of the companies had Noro Silk Garden on sale last night.  It is so pretty!  It was tempting.  I found the below shawl that is on Ravelry.  The site is jennyrib September.  The directions are not totally clear, but I think that she used two different Noro Silk colorways:  341 Multi and 282 Pink, Green, Burgundy, Copper.  She doesn't say just how she used them, but looking at the shawl, I am guessing that she finished one then added the other to make it the size that she wanted.  Because it seems that the bottom is quite unrelated to the top part.  So I am pretty sure that she was just using up yarn and ran out.  I think she even says that someone gave her yarn.....The pattern is Simple but Effective Bulky shawl ....filed in dropbox.  She says she uses size 8 needles (which would be sensible needle size for Noro Silk Garden) but doesn't say how many yards she used.  I didn't buy the Noro Silk Garden that was on sale.

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