Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wild Ramp on the first day of November.

We had a large and enthusiastic group at the Wild Ramp today.  I had asked Peg Wolfe to come and share her Qiviut yarn that she had bought on an Alaskan Cruise that she and Ken had taken.  It is absolutely amazing stuff....it is so light that it hardly seems to be there....and she said that the knitters in Alaska say to never double it because it would be too hot to wear.  Gorgeous yarn and amazingly soft!

I have to stop for a minute to watch the sunset!  Amazing!

Betsy shared a lovely shawl and fingerless mittens made from a Noro yarn.  She has just started a new grey sweater from a mohair blend.  She is using broken ribbing at the beginning of the sweater and it is WONDERFUL!  It is much prettier in person.  But the thing that is exceptionally nice about it is that it does not do the clingy thing that ribs were invented to do....that is to hug the body.  This rib is loose.  It is simple.  Knit two, purl two on the odd rows.  Then purl all the way across on the even rows.  I forgot to ask her about the cast on.  It would need to be something that is not tight as well.

Dar shared a new shawl that she had finished.

She made this out of sock yarn on size 6 needles.  The pattern is Wild Heart that she bought on Ravelry.  After everyone was almost gone and we were down to a very small group we talked about the possibility that I might use this pattern with the Indiecita DK that I bought in Peru for my Christmas project.  I may start this this weekend.

Mitzi was working on hats for her new grandchild....Peg showed me the amount that she had knitted with her Noro yarn that is similar to the project I am knitting.....Several of our members were working on socks or scarfs....we were a large group....I was quite far from several....but I did get a laugh ......Mary Jane was "hiding" her project.....not sure that she liked it....and I LOVED the look of the yarn when I saw it peaking out.....again the project is much prettier in person!  Very natural looking.  Mary Jane said that she had bought it from Joyce, so it is not a new yarn.

So it was not until Friday night that I found time to look for the yarn that Mary Jane was using.  I knew that it was an old yarn that she had bought from Joyce before Joyce closed the store.  It turned out that it was distributed from a very small company that worked from Wales.  Oh, my gosh, I was hooked!  Somehow I was lucky enough to read that the company was closing on a blogsite early in my googling:


I now have a wonderful stock of absolutely GORGEOUS yarn from Colinette that should be arriving at my home in the next week.  Did I need it?  NO!.....do I love it YES!

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