Sunday, November 13, 2016

Poncho using Cascade Rabat from my stash

In the middle of having not finished other projects, I decided to start a poncho for the fall.  Someone in the Wild Ramp group brought a Noro magazine that had a pattern that I liked.  And I found some Cascade Rabat upstairs in my stash.  And it just seemed like a good idea.  Here is a of the poncho in the pattern:

Hmmmm....can not find the pattern....need to ask Peg Williams on Tuesday to help me fill this blank in.  It is turning out very pretty.  This weekend I finished the front or knit them the same....just a slightly different length.  So I will be starting the other side on Tuesday.  Here is the yarn specs:

The main reason I wanted to add this today is that I ended the first side ready to start row 21 of the pattern.  I will be reusing the index cards and may need to know where I am on the pattern.

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