Sunday, March 26, 2017

spring trip to Lexington

This trip to Lexington, we only visited two shops.  The first was ReBelle.  The shop just gets nicer every time we visit.  It is clear that the owners are committed to adding interesting yarns .....not just the old standbys.  Somehow I managed to refrain from choosing yarn that I really don't need while the others filled their baskets with absolutely wonderful choices.  However, I was on my computer the entire time thinking about what I might do with some of the very pretty yarns.  Close to the end I asked about their list of yarn brands that they carried.  It was on their website.  I noticed that they had Collinette and I couldn't help but ask.  They, like me, had heard that Collinette was no longer going to have yarns and had bought a huge order from them at the news.  However they explained that Collinette did not go out of business.....rather they decided to stop wholesaling their yarns.  You can now buy their yarns from the Collinette website.  ReBelle had a large selection of Jitterbug.  But I need to look at what I already have and actually knit with it before I buy more.  BUT.....hmmmmm....they did have a kit in the back that they would sell for 30% off if I was interested....and I did indeed buy it.  It is in colors that match Harper's room perfectly.  I may have to make a special throw for Harper's room.  Very pretty!

The other item of interest at ReBelle was a cardigan sweater that is a possibility for Mia:

I looked on Ravelry and the largest size that the pattern makes is size 2.

After Lunch we went to Magpie.  Jane, the owner, had a casual group knitting.  It was very relaxed in the store.  Again, Jane, goes  to a lot of trouble to not only organize her products extremely well, but also to maintain a collection of unusual items of very high quality lines.  I bought a small amount of two sale yarns for summer projects.  The yarns that I saw for possible future buying are below.

The above scarf is knitted of the below yarn with the two rows that you see made from a wool yarn that will felt.  Then washed to magically turn into a WONDERFUL scarf.  Sally showed me how the "kit" works.  Jane had amazing choices in the yarn! Yarn details below:

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