Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Betsy's Poncho

Betsy shared the recently finished poncho in beautiful shades of purple today at the Wild Ramp.  Betsy graciously allowed me to put information on my blogsite so that I could recreate something similar from my stash.

It is knit as a large rectangle and then sewn together to create a poncho.  Betsy made her rectangle 28 inches by 56 inches.  She cast on 85 stitches and knit with a size 10 and1/2 needle.  It requires 1000 yards of yarn.  Below is a close up of the stitches:

This week Betsy brought two more ponchos that she had knitted.  One is black and the other has three colors of mohair knitted in stripes.

She shared the pattern that she used with us.  I have filed it as Betsy's Poncho in Using Stash in the kitchen knitting file.  This pattern calls for 700 yards and size 15 needles

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