Monday, December 12, 2016

Red Indiecita yarn that I bought in Peru

I ended up using a pattern from Berroco for my Christmas project.  The pattern is Berroco #363 Ceonothus.  It is a shawl that I liked in Sarah's store in Kanawha City.  Thank goodness I blog.  I am almost finished with the first ball of yarn and I couldn't for the life of me remember which yarn I was using.  I had noted several weeks ago that I might use a pattern that Dar had just finished to make a Christmas shawl out of the Indiecita yarn that I bought in Cusco on our Peru trip.....with that clue

I knew just where the next ball of yarn could be found.  So before I forget what I am doing here is a new post about my Christmas project.

The yarn is Indiecita which is 100% baby alpaca.  I bought it in a small store in Cusco.  The pattern is Berroco #363 Ceonothus.  I hope to wear it Christmas 2016!

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