Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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I had a great day today!  I am tempted to tell all of the fun things that happened.  However, I will stick to only those that are knitting events.  Tuesday is the day that I knit at Yarn Therapy at the Wild Ramp.  My favorite day is Tuesday because of the knitting.  However, I have to admit that the group gathered today admitted to each other that we enable....maybe even encourage our addiction:  YARN!

I was late.

So after I bought a muffin I shared the yarns that I had bought at the fiber event in Athens, Ohio.  Then I had fun seeing everyone's new knitting projects.  ...Hmmmm...Oh Wow.....I am getting so off the subject.  I will go back and start again.  This is not simple.

Kelly sat beside me.  She had started a lovely sweater in Berroco Blackstone Heather.  I REALLY liked the yarn and the sweater.  Then tonight Love Knitting sent me an e-mail that advertises the very same yarn at a reduced price.  So I went on-line to see what others had done with the yarn and found the blog site:


I think that her site is worth visiting....but the post of interest is at:


It is a darling child's sweater from this yarn that I didn't want to loose.

OK.  I quit for tonight.  I will add/edit this blog post tomorrow.

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