Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Self striping socks

I am adding this information in Feb 2016.  Everyone is making socks this winter in our group.  Kelly brought some new sock yarn with her today to share.  It is from Nomadic Yarns.  It is called Twisty Sock and comes in 400 yard skeins.  The colors are particularly nice and can be seen on-line.  It is very fun that the socks have Harry Potter names.

We met at the Wild Ramp for knitting this afternoon.  Dar had finished one self striping sock and was working on the other.  The yarn was great and her sock was amazing!  I would love to make some of these.  

Dar says she gets the yarn from Knit Picks.  She says that they sell out of it very quickly.  It would make wonderful ski socks!

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