Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day shopping

I am eating dinner on my porch and reading e-mails when I was distracted by a sale at Love knitting.  The knitting sites remind me a lot of car dealerships.  There is ALWAYS a huge sale going on.  I am not actually buying tonight.  I am browsing.  And here are my thoughts.  ( I actually updated this blog post next day as I bought some of the yarn and patterns that I had looked at)

I downloaded a free pattern on Ravelry that I have filed in Knitting: Scarfs and Cowls in drop box.  It is labelled:  DropStitchCowl2015.pdf

The yarn that I am looking at for this pattern is Plymouth Colca Canyon which is usually $18 and is on sale until the end of the weekend for $13.50.  I like the green and the gold and the brown.  I think that I probably need three skeins of the yarn in whichever color I choose.  I did not end up buying this yarn.

Debbie Bliss Boheme is on sale.  It is usually $9.80 on Love Knitting and is on sale for $5.05.  It knits on US 13 needles.  It has 54 yards in a skein.  I bought the pattern for the Triangular scarf shown below.  It can be found both on Ravelry and in dropbox in file for Scarfs and Cowls with name 22-Triangular scarf.  I bought 5 skeins of the yarn in Ruggero from Love Knitting.

The yarn is very pretty.  I like the Ruggero which is shown below:

There is a lovely Louisa Harding yarn on sale:  Esquel

Here is the color of Esquel that I bought:

It is normally $7.85 on sale for $4.70.  The colors are lovely.  The pattern that I like is called Creeper by Louisa Harding.  It uses Aran yarn and US 10 needles.  It calls for 218 yards of yarn.  It is available on Ravelry.  I just bought both the gold Esquel yarn and the pattern.  The Creeper pattern is stored on my Ravelry site as Creeper.

Here is a photo of the Creeper that I hope to use for the Esquel yarn:

The Louisa Harding Grace that I used for the twined hat is also on sale.  It is usually $12.75 and is on sale for $8.25.  50 % Merino and 50% silk....the colors are wonderful!  110 yards, size 5mm needles.  I just looked and had this yarn on sale for $6.99.

I can't seem to quit browsing this weekend.  Here are a few more things that I am considering:

Cascade Rabat is on sale at Craftsy.  Regularly it is $16 and is on sale for $8.97.  I have two patterns in mind for this yarn.  One is Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West on Revelry.  I have added the pattern to my favorites on Ravelry.  The other is Lala's Simple shawl that is on my drop box project file.  Cascade Rabat has 109 yards in a skein.  It is a bulky weight yarn that is knit on size 10 needles.  I would need 6 skeins for the Lala's shawl and 3 skeins for the Purl Ridge Scarf.

Craftsy also has Cascade Eco on sale this weekend.  It is 100% Peruvian Wool that is usually $23.75 on sale for $15.44.  The colors are beautiful!  It is a bulky yarn to be knit with size 9 or 10 needles and has 478 yards in a skein.

Craftsy also has Cascade Alpaca Lace Yarn on sale...ususally $10 and on sale for $7.00.  It is also a Peruvian Wool. It has 437 yards in a skein.   I am wondering if it would be suitable for the neck piece that Sally Summerfield made with the Wolle yarn.  It is to be knit on a size 2 needle.  Rowan Fine Art Yarn is on sale as well and is knit on a size 2 or 3 needle.  The color way that I like is Pheasant.  It is regularly $29.95 and is on sale for $13.47.  It also has 437 yards in a skein.

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