Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wolle's yarn

Some of the members of the Wild Ramp Knitting Group are either buying or working with a very fine yarn that they buy from a lady on-line.  It is quite lovely.  I tried to find it via Ravelry, but I was unsuccessful.  However, a google search brought her products up on Etsy:

Just did not want to loose this thought.  Below is a photo of the scarf that Sally is working on in this yarn.  It is on relatively small needles:

In July Sally wore a scarf that she had made in pale colors in the Wolles from a pattern called Reverse Psychology.  I found the pattern on my computer using the name.  Sally said that she made it on size 7 needles which is larger than the pattern calls for.

I also found a pattern on Ravelry called

rmyers' Winterfell MKAL

that was particularly pretty and gives a feeling for the color change.

Another pattern that caught my attention with the Wolle's is

PrlngGurl's Ingrid's Inky Wolle's Shawl

on Revelry.


punk conformity's Shaelyn

also on Ravelry

and Siesta Sand using the pattern Frisson by Brittany Wilson.

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