Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jaunt to Lexington

I traveled to Lexington, Ky today with Sally and Kelly.  I only hope that both of them had as much fun as I did.  It was very special.   It was a knitting extravaganza.

First stop was Magpie Knitting shop.
513 E. High Street
Lexington, KY 

The class was on Brioche Knitting.  I definitely found the class to be worth the time to have help in interpreting the terms that were used.  I loved the yarn that I bought from Jane (the owner) for the project.  It is a Rowan yarn:

One skein is golden while the other is a darker brown.  I chose them for their softness as we were making cowls.  Below is a photo of what I knitted during the class.  Both skeins were somewhat variegated.....well at least not solid in color.  I am using size 10 needles.  I just bought my first set of Addi Turbo needles because the needles that I was using caught at my yarn in the spot where the needle joins with the plastic cording.

Jane's store is lovely.  She has organized it in a way that is very appealing.  For example in the wool section, the top bins are very fine wools working down to the third bins which are worsted weight and on down to the floor bins that are the heaviest wools.  Then each section is organized by color.  So it is very easy to choose yarns that will work well together.  

I found a couple of baby sweaters that I particularly liked.  Jane does not carry patterns at all since everyone is getting their patterns via Revelry and on-line sources.  But she helped me to locate the pattern for one of the sweaters:

Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Booker and Beyond Puerperium found on Ravelry

Here is Jane's version:

There were a couple more baby sweaters that were charming.  We didn't talk about the patterns nor the yarn.  I believe that I recognize the patterns.

There was one more yarn that I looked at that I want to note.  It was a heathered yarn that was on sale for 40% off.  It was quite lovely.  I can not remember the name.  But Jane had a sweater knitted in the yarn and it was quite soft.  

And one last comment on this shop.  Jane had a cardigan on that I liked a lot.  She had knitted it from yarn from Quince.   Here is probably the best photo of it on Ravelry:

I found myself looking all day at yarns that might be pretty knitted in this pattern.

Next we visited two other yarn shops in Lexington.  Both were very nice and each had their very own special attributes.  I did not buy much.  I liked both shops.  Google Yarn shops in Lexington to find addresses.  I did buy shawl closures in The Stitch Niche (180 Moore Drive  859-277-2604).  Kelly was our champion shopper in ReBelle (225 Rosemont Garden  859-389-9750).  Probably my very favorite thing in this shop was the darling skeins of yarn displayed as flowers in flower vases....wish I had taken a photo of them!

Next was lunch at Joseph-Beth Booksellers....good choice.  Although our waiter was a bit "spacey"....

And the day ended up with a visit to a yarn shop in Nicholasville:

I had to hold onto my check book to keep from buying an entire basket of yarn in this store:

This photo does not do this basket of yarn justice.  They are GORGEOUS!  All of the yarns in the basket are natural colors from Kentucky yarn sources.  Oh, my gosh!  I wanted to buy the entire basket to set on my coffee table!

Some of the other yarns that enticed me were as pictured below.  I have been on a buying spree all winter or I would not have had the self control to have gone home to think about the purchases.  

And below a very nice yarn that Sally bought that is similar in use to the Noro yarn that we have been buying for the twined hat, but is less expensive and equally pretty:

A very pretty baby sweater that I liked:

The photo of the specs did not turn out very well...however I remember that the sweater was made from Berroco Comfort....a easy care non-wool yarn.  

And a couple of more yarns that I liked in this shop:

Great Day!  Lots of ideas!  

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  1. I love the way you have chosen to journal your experiences so that you capture the essence of the day. I had a great time with each facet of the day. I'm so glad you were interested in going....and thank you again for lunch and our coffee treat. I'm looking forward until the next outing.