Thursday, January 30, 2014

Firefly Yarn by Classic Elite

I ran into a friend of a friend today at lunch who had on a lovely scarf with fringe. She told me that she had knit it of Firefly yarn (which I can find on-line by Classic Elite).  She said that she had used a pattern that was in a book that contained all projects done in that yarn.  The scarf was very pretty.

Several months later I am rereading this blog post.  Yes, I made the scarf.  The lady who was wearing the original scarf wore it every place she went.  Well....I should  say instead that I ran into her several times and she always had on the scarf.  And I always liked the scarf.  I finished my scarf....even blocked it....but have never worn it yet.  I laid it on a file in my bedroom after blocking while I decided the best place to store it, and now it is the "throw" beneath my new dulcimer.  Looks very pretty, but certainly not what it was meant to do.

It is sitting in my bedroom under my dulcimer.  It really is pretty....I need to wear it.

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