Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mary Ellen's shawl

Mary Ellen brought her shawl to show at Yarn Therapy at the Wild ramp today.  I REALLY love it.  It is VERY long!  Mary Ellen made it out of a relatively inexpensive yarn that she bought locally that is a Bamboo/Silk mixture.  This mixture is very light and very pretty.  She used a pattern from her Jane Austen Book of patterns.  Sally found the pattern on Ravelry. It is called the Margaret Dashwood Shawl.  It calls for fingering weight yarn.  It appears to be much smaller than Mary Ellen's shawl.  I believe that Mary Ellen knitted it from heavier yarn on larger needles.  I like the larger size and heavier weight much better than the original.  I need to ask Mary Ellen weight and needle size and if the difference in size is only because of the materials....that it is not because Mary Ellen cast on more stitches.  I got around to asking Mary Ellen about the size of the needles and she said she stuck to the size 6 that was called for.....just bigger yarn.


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